An exploding sun


You are what you created.

Don’t say you haven’t created anything.

You may not be an artist, you’ve never written a book, never recorded a song, or never invented anything scientifically. Your life may be mediocre in every single way. But at some point of your life, you usually creat something, and it’s huge.

Your child. A person. A new life. And a Hope. All in one package.

You can love your child as a baby, certainly. But could you love he/she as a person, who has free will ? And what is the point of love, if you are unable to give the things your child needs ?

My child, you don’t need to suffer any of this. I long to pay back everything the day you born. So you will come to this world debt-free. No illusions whatsoever. No stinking bonds. No stupid people monkeying around. You will be told the truth, the real one. I will offer you complete freedom, with all of its bittersweetness. Your world will be as clear as the sky. No school. No slavering. Just play. Hopefully, you’ll play it better than me.

Although I was lucky as hell…

Inspired by last night’s talk and story of Kenzaburo Oe :

In 1964, when he was 29, Oe’s first child was born with brain damage, and the baby boy, whom called “Pooh”, altered his world with the force of an exploding sun. In a fervent, painful way, Oe and his fragile, autistic child became one another’s best, embracing one another as if they were each other’s fate. Shortly after Pooh was born, Oe ordered two gravestones erected side by side in the cemetery in his native village. He has told me (John Nathan) many times that he would die when Pooh died.


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