Now one has to be absolutely Not modern, R.


Most modern films are completely terrible but there again so are modern audiences. We get the movies we deserve. The skill of modern “culture” is to leave the modern audience secure in their ignorance. Indeed it celebrates ignorance leaving us comfortable and unchallenged. Western culture isn’t so much headed for an iceberg, it has already struck it. There is something fundamentally flawed with a culture that arrives at such an outcome. Well, I have had enough and I’m looking for a lifeboat.

– someone at a imdb board.

It’s hard to believe, a half century ago, 196x, people actualy knew how to communicate, with each other, with oneself, knew of its importance, treasured it. They had an express desire to see themself as an individual. La dolce vita, for instance, a film about human failing-to-do-so condition, immediately became one of the most recognized film. Nowaday, people, especially youngsters, “talk” to each other via internet ways, lets say facebook. They tend to do that with many “friends”, many hours a day, check in check out very often. But do they really communicate ? The answer is no. Ironically, they are very bad at expressing themself, if they ever want to do that sincerely. Their language skill, terrible. They waste large portion of their life, only to talk about vulgar things. Like this ^^, or like this =)) Avatars and photos are the only ways to reflect their sparkling personas. They are just like particles of a network’s sector, indifferent, indifferable. They are naked to the core, but then again, is there any core at all ?

Lol, but what do you expect ? Sad news, there’s no lifeboat, either.


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