The possibility of an island is a choice


Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world.
Intellect is invisible to the man who has none.

What is the shape of freedom at its max ?

Is it this ? Truly ?

Sometimes, I had a terrible feeling : maybe Freud was right. Human should not be allowed to fully express themselves. The last days of him was so undesireable. If that’s right, there is no such thing as freedom. And good or evil. Intelligence and stupidity. Just deviation. D+ and D-. The blob continues to rise and there is nothing to be proud about it. It’s just natural. It’s history.

Now it sounds like Schopenhauer.

I remember one of the key points in Nausea. It was a feeling the narrator had while listening to a song. He felt deeply and wondered what was the author like. At exactly that point the life of the author became not meaningless. Existentialism, to be honest, is quite simple like that.

I wonder if it’s still true nowaday. Because marketing can creat the same effect to almost anything, no matter what kind of garbage it is. Plus, the author didn’t know. Even if he knew, he won’t be satisfied at all. The artist needs to be liked, but from the audience who understand him, not some clones. Problem is, the two types are mixed up, unseperateable.

Should I go for Akita ? Really, I can’t see the point of not going. But all the same, I can’t see the point of going, either. Of course, Kyoto comes first.

Problem is, I’ve taken this game too fast. Now it sounds like Schopenhauer.

Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom.

God bless people, who can still
pose ở cánh đồng hoa cải, mua ống kính dài 30cm, thích những bài hát của UL.
(tôi không hề có ý mỉa mai)


It rhymes.



(scary movie 2, lol)

Wish I was born in the 60s. Not here, though.


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