monologue with the night [3]


when a priest’s counting your heartbeats, you must run

green from a street’s corner. yellow from above. light through other glasses. a silent afternoon. people’s walking by, cars’re chasing each other. bitterness. out of my coffee cup, happiness’s laughing. somewhere? une chanteuse’s voice: escape to the wind. it won’t be easy, you would think it’s strange. listen for a while. my stranger, listen for a while. dont look at me child, those innocent eyes. put magic in you. complicate your life. it’ll come and never leave. so easy but that’s pain. hurt, isn’t my words. want nothing, i prefer. n to think. love was on my palm. stories were to born. i found no glory. no hero in these skies. n to think so ?  what is left ? oh stranger, what is left to try ?

i drank my sadness. in plain sight. of an invisible world. A shadow more real, more bright than ever.


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