Are you courageous ?

Kiss (me) while your lips are still red,

while I’m silent

cause this dawn so cruel, my mouth so loose

it’s like a lock on my soul, when it opens

i wonder what little dark things would fly out ? with theirs wings and noises

they darken the world you’re already so tired of

there’s no beauty, just wastes, stretch upon our horizons

my voice, which I’ve become not used to, has broken down

like a soft cry of an innocence

like a hopeless weak old man

look into the mirror, the silent

the image, devoid of a name


when I’m not silent

I will speak of a thing

a withering flame, of red and light

dangling before slightest changes of leaves

so easily vanish, of abstraction

makes your life different

maybe better at some moments, all time, worse

what use of it ? I don’t know

but that’s the thing

makes us human

the most.


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