Monologue with the night [10]

When there is nothing left to love, maybe you are just unlucky

When all hope is lost, strange as it seems, there’s still hope.

I remember a night like this, a bright screen’s in front of me, around me, darkness and shades of black. It was 2003, I think, and it’s not just the setups but also the feelings, they’re the same. I was lonely, typing something, more beautiful than this one, with a little desire of connections. But oh so much has changed since then.

Life always takes unexpected turns, what are we to say about an eternity like ten years ?

Sometime it’s like a game of chess. You look at the board and see no chance in hell for a win. But you also don’t lose yet. So you wait, patiently, move after move, continue the game for nothing but the continuation itself. Nevertheless, the board changes, your opponent is tired and suddenly you can not recognize your former “hopelessness”, there’re so many thing to play for. You’ve survived.


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