Learn to not care learn to sit still

“Whoever thinks he’s a winner, is a son of a bitch” – Sartre

A long time ago, I used to think in most circumstances when I need to win, I’ll win. It was also true, in competitions, I often performed above my skills. Each time, I became somewhat stronger. Later, I found out those were, sadly, fair competitions, and their numbers are like, sooo few, compared to the others.

It’s still hard to believe how many time I lost since then. Not only I lost in fields in which I am really gifted, but also I lost to terrible opponents : total idiots, narcissistic persons, opportunist, simpletons, or pure evils.

I’m still losing. Losing so hard. But with experience came revelation : it shouldn’t matter. It’s just life. It’s so amazing that only after 30s I truly understand the greatness of chess : it doesnt matter if you losing or winning, slightly or definitely, obvious or complicated, what you should do it’s rather simple : make the best move you can think of, within your strength. And leave the rest for luck.


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