Dream of Albion

You asked me of guidance, so
Think twice, men, before saying :
I’ve known solitude
Taste your words well, praying

Cause you are about departing, to a faraway land
The sea isn’t wide, the waves aren’t violent
You could possibly see from here
Stand there, like a monstrous monument
The white Dover, and when you set foot there
These broken ships will be left behind
There’s only that cliff for you to climb
A grassy dream, and green forests you’d find
You would think it’s easy, wouldn’t you ?
Don’t say, but here is bad news :

Albion is a no man land
There are wolves in the forests,
pigs in the farms,
and witches in trees
But, be sure, Albion is a no man land
The wolves growl : we kill and be killed
The pigs squeal : we eat and be eaten
The witches scream : we suffer and make the world full of suffering
They look upon you : what are YOU doing here ?
We all have JOBs, what is your JOB ?
You would stand there, in Albion, a no man land,
Don’t know how many years were passed
The winds had devoured your voices
The rains had flooded your tears
The cold had frozen your heart
And you’d hardly remember a man
Whose name soon be forgotten
He said, some time in the past : “I’ve known solitude”
You’d laugh at these words
No, he didn’t,
not until they asked in open :
“How could you possibly live alone ?”
As if I’m living, you’d say
“How could you possibly survive, if you’re on your own ?”
Then you’d realize, for the first time
Albion is a no man land
Where men are of no use, less than a pig
You are the worthless kind
In a worthless world
You’d go to Dover, to undo your climb, seemingly,
But inside, you’d known it well :
like love, knowledge, and dignity
your fall doesn’t sell.


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