And as we wind on down the road


Our shadows taller than our soul

In a normal sunday afternoon, I took a cab to Hoang Cau. The sun beat the streets. I saw on two sides of the roads remarkable tall buildings. There were not many people on the streets cause is sunday. Under the sun, the city was not that ugly. It almost seemed inhabitable. The taxi driver often drives straight from Le van luong to Lang ha to Thai thinh and to Thai thinh 2. Then to the lake, Hoang Cau, once (15 years ago) big and full of lotus, now small and kind of suck with concretes left all over from discontinued projects. It’s a strange area with both rich people on Lang Ha side and low life thieves and prostitutes on De La Thanh side. I don’t know why I mention this, because to me, this area is no different to any others, like Lang ha or Trung hoa nhan chinh where I live. “Ohh, this city of shit” I often thought like that when I looked through the taxi’s windows, seeing that Ocean condo on the side of Le Van Luong, thinking about the stupid looking penthouse on its roof, cost about 30 (or more, I don’t remember well) billion vnd. It’s not the price but the ugly as fuck design and ugly as shit colors inside a not so big condo which cost 1,5 mil. dollars. We pay big money to get poisoned foods and pay huge money to get a cage, which in turn decorated by adolescents idiots went artsy architects. Why the fuck does the Japanese want to destroy their cities so much ? Please come and destroy This city.

I rant like an old woman. Hmm, but now remembering, it was not what I thought the most while the taxi strolled down the road. What I felt, went like this :

I may …

The time is passed, I am …

I am only …

Ok, now that I …

There is nothing that …

But this game, this little meaningless chess game, this game I’m gonna win. There’s no doubt about it. After the game, I will go backward, seeing this city in the evening, thinking about its poisoned soul and rotten future. Ohh, and there is that. A feeling when I look to the west.


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